Thursday, September 11, 2008

SOTX Badminton Flooring

Updated on 15 Jan 2009 :

SOTX only produces one type of Badminton Flooring (Professional nowadays.

Price :
- Professional Use, Type-1 : US$ 5,000 -- Size 15m x 7.1m x 4.5mm, Litchi profile, Dark-green
- Professional Use, Type-2 : US$ 7,000 -- Size 15m x 7.1m x 4.5mm, Second cut, Dark-green

Bulk orders :
- Buy 10 units for the price of 9 units only.

All the above price are excluding Shipping Cost to the Country of destination, but may include the Net(s) and Posts.

Delivery time : approximately 25 - 35 days.

You can e-mail me for quotation, but please let me know the Port at destination country for calculation of shipping cost.

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