Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Eagnas Stringing Machine

New Eagnas Stringing Machine model 2010 .....

I have a good source for new model of Eagnas Stringing Machine. Eagnas has a lot of new model anual or electrical, but I choose only the above 2 models which I believe would be value for money.

The price is direct from factory, therefore no freebies would be given
1. ST-1000, price is US$ 1000
2. Combo-5060, price is US$ 900
You can opt to buy badminton swivel clamp for US$ 120 per pair.
Delivery time is maximum 3 weeks after payment is made.

The price I stated is ex-work Eagnas factory, therefore, buyer shall add payment for transportation/freight to buyer's place as well as import tax and duty if any/necessary (I suggest you contact forwarder company who can provide door-to-door service, because it will be much cheaper that Eagnas' standard which will be using DHL).

You can purchase as much as you want.

Should you have any queries, please e-mail me at :

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